Magnets & Automobile Machinery Parts

Our Magnets division Qiangsheng Magnets and Apme Magnetics manufactures all types of magnets used in automotive machinery, permanent magnet motors & generators, electrical and electronic components etc.

Our Zhuji Heist Motor division manufactures BLDC motors for electric vehicles, controllers, throttle, DC-DC converter, USB mobile chargers, speedo movements and various other automotive parts. We supply below products.

  1. Magnets (Alni, AlNiCo, NdFeb, Ferrite, SmCo etc.): We manufacture all types of magnets. We also have specialized team for magnets who can support customers anytime for new projects.
  2. BLDC Motors: We supply BLDC motors for electric bikes, electric bi-cycles and for other automotive vehicles. The most selling BLDC motors for electric bikes are 350W, 500W, 800W & 1000W. We can provide more high power BLDC motors. We also supply throttle, DC-DC converter & controller.
  3. USB Mobile Chargers (New Invention product for 2 Wheelers)
  4. Instruments Clusters & Parts
  5. Speedo Movements
  6. Bearing Blocks, holders, spindles and brass parts
  7. Automobile Wedge Bulbs

Bearing block, brass parts, spindles, holders

BLDC Motors



Instrument Clusters


USB Mobile Charger for 2 Wheelers